dijous, 10 de juny de 2021

Premier Day

Per fi va arribar el dia de la presentació oficial del resultat de la feina que ens ha portat a gaudir, internacionalment, durant dos anys....

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Durant aquesta premier vam tenir dos convidats institucionals:

D'una banda el senyor Frank Arnauts (Ambaixador de Bèlgica a Noruega i Islàndia)

I d'una altra, la senyora Eva González Abad (del Ministeri d'Educació a l'Ambaixada d'Espanya a Oslo, Noruega)

dimarts, 25 de maig de 2021

 We finally got the shorts and we are so happy to share them with you...





5- WHAT IF...?

Next step: EDITING the shorts

 From April 26th through Friday 30th we accomplished the "virtual mobility" in Norway. We had the opportunity to work with the Norwegian and the Belgian students in the edition of the shorts:

dijous, 29 d’abril de 2021

dimarts, 27 d’abril de 2021

The students' experience....

First day we edited the images. Second day, we worked on the audio and wrote about our experiences as actors and actresses...

When we filmed “What if” we realized how it is to be a movie star. Since we were little, we always wanted to make a film so it was an incredible experience in which we had a lot of fun.

It all started on the 10th of February. This day we prepared some atrezzo and then we filmed the first scenes at the school. First of all we went around the school to take some photos where two of us pretended to be a couple on vacation, so we had to look for the best views and then edit the photos; we had a lot of fun doing this and it was so cool to look for the perfect setting.

After preparing all the atrezzo we started filming a scene where “the family” appeared having lunch together. We had an inconvenient when everything seemed to be perfect ( we had plates, forks, knives, water…) but then we realized that we had forgotten the food. Fortunately the cooks at the school kitchen gave us some bread and slices of meat. The shorts were pretty great!

On the next day we went to film at the Barcelona pier. Before going there we recorded a scene at Monica’s place; we tried not to make too much noise because of the neighbors.Then, on the pier, we filmed the last scenes of the movie; they were fantastic, the setting was incredible so the shots were very realistic.

During this experience we have had truly wonderful moments and we have also learned a lot.

“What if” team

I had always wondered how it was to record a movie but I never had the opportunity to make my own one. Finally, the dream became reality when we filmed “The Owner” back in February.

It was amazing to team up all together and take to life what we had written during the past weeks. We began the footage on a Wednesday morning when we went to a park near our school and we started with the robbery scene. At first we didn’t know how to begin or what to do but with cooperation, everything went as it should, and we made some pretty good takes. 

On the second day, we filmed everything else. We went filming to a nearby a toy shop in our neighbourhood and it was fantastic. The real owner of the shop was a very kind woman who let us use her shop for free  and we had a truly amazing time there. The shop was full of toys and colors and it fitted so well in the scenes. We stayed in the shop for a few hours and then we went back to class.

The process of creating this tiny piece of art has been excellent. We all have had so much fun and we have learned new stuff about the film industry. Even though we couldn’t travel to Norway, we have worked out everything pretty well. 

“The Owner”  team

3a mobilitat virtual a Noruega

 Hem començat la tercera i darrera trobada (ateses les circumstàncies de Covid-19) virtual a Noruega.

Tant alumnes belgues com de la nostra escola, sota la "direcció" dels alumnes noruecs, faran l'edició dels curts que vam gravar a Barcelona. Gràcies a les tecnologies, podem mantenir l'esència del treball cooperatiu:

Premier Day

Per fi va arribar el dia de la presentació oficial del resultat de la feina que ens ha portat a gaudir, internacionalment, durant dos anys.....